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Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality

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It is important that we forgive ourselves for making mistakes. We need to learn from our errors and move on.


It’s so frustrating when you’re like the only person who can see how evil and sneaky someone is and everyone else is like blind to it

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“Agree to disagree” is white guy speak for “I understand you have an opinion but unfortunately, me.”

No it’s human being speak for “We have differing opinions and I can see that neither of us are going to persuade the other to change theirs so we shouldn’t continue this argument because it’s going nowhere” jesus you’re all fucking children

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Elly Liyana Ruslan born 1987 is an illustrator from Singapore.

Her work are fragments of her personal thoughts and memories combined together to form a reflection of something intimate yet openly displayed. It is filled with various thoughts and dreams in fragmented pieces that portray different chapters of her life. The satisfaction she gets from creating art is knowing that a part of her exists in the work. Check out her Behance.

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